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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  June 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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temperature today. heat and humidity back for the weekend tomorrow. >> comfortable ride in virginia on 95, 66, 395, the greenway, the toll road. metro rail on normal service. nothing complicated on 270 southbound. overnight construction gone near st. barnabas. no delays on the beltway at new hampshire ave. alison and doug. >> thank you. we begin with day 60 of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. scientists say large amounts of natural gas also spewing from the blown-out oilwell have the potential to suffocates marine life. state and local officials are criticizing the government for temporarily idling barges used to siphon the oil. coastguard admiral thad allen said they were shut down for safety reasons and he says drilling for a relief well as a had a schedule and could be finished in the next few weeks. bp's chief executive told congress that he is distraught about the disaster in the gulf.
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>> i understand and i hear your concerns and frustrations and anger being forced across the country. >> tony hayward to testify before a house committee yesterday. he infuriated lawmakers when he said he did not know about problems of the deepwater horizon rig before the april explosion. he also said that he has seen no evidence anyone at the company acted recklessly. a develop and stored in minnesota. -- a developing story from minnesota. the twisters destroyed buildings and knocked out power. authorities say an elderly woman was killed when a tornado destroyed her house. and the man was killed when a twister destroyed a gas station. at least 20 people were injured. defense attorneys in the robert wone conspiracy trial will resume presenting their case today after stunning developments. today the judge acquitted dylan ward and victor zaborsky of evidence tampering.
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they're still charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. joseph price is still charged with evidence tampering after he acknowledged removing the knife. family and friends of wesley brown will gathered to mourn the loss of their beloved state trooper today. >> if this is exactly a week after he was gunned down while working security at a restaurant. mike conneen is live in capitol heights with more. good morning. >> good morning. if the public viewing will be held at 4:00 this afternoon until 9:00 p.m. at abyssinian baptist church in columbia heights. tomorrow in landover the funeral starts at 10:00 a.m.. >> he fought the good fight for all of us. he will be missed. >> he was only 24. in this capitol heights neighborhood he was a respected leader especially among boys that he mentored. >> used his own money, provided
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education and trips. for a lot of young boys, he was like their father. >> he was shot while moonlighting as a security guard at applebee's in forestville. >> it was quite a tragedy to be so close to home. >> two men, 27-year-old cyril williams and 28-year-old anthony milton, face first-degree murder charges. news of their arrest was welcome in his neighborhood. for now, friends and family members are focused on remembering their fallen trooper and beloved mentor. >> i hope the community will look at the kids and say that child needs me, not just my child. we need each other. >> after the funeral there will be a funeral procession from the church to lincoln memorial cemetery starting at a of a car 30 if depending on the lead of the funeral service. that will affect traffic on the inner loop of the beltway from arena drive to pennsylvania
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avenue. also they will go past forestville road and pass the maryland state police and it will affect traffic on suitland parkway n. suitland road. -- and suitland road. virginia will have a tougher immigration policy is one elected official get his way. the chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors is urging state legislators to pass a new law that would enhance law enforcement powers to capture, detained, and deport illegal aliens and it would curb illegal day laboring. a drowning in woodbridge. a man's body was pulled from the potomac river around 9 1/3 last night at belmont bay marina. the man died even though they tried to resuscitate him. d.c. police are looking for two gunmen who shot and killed
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the popular owner of a check cashing store around 10:00 yesterday morning at 23rd street and benning road northeast. if the gunman entered and shot and killed the man and pistol whipped his father. four juveniles under arrest after a police chase that began in d.c. these pursued a stolen vehicle and the car drove up an embankment along wheeler road in oxon hill. police arrested the suspects. the police officer heard his leg in the incident but is expected to recover. -- hurt his leg. 49-year-old ronnie lee gardner was shot by marksmen early this morning in utah, sentenced to death for killing a lawyer during a failed escape attempt in 1985. the first person to be executed by firing squad in 14 years in this country. laws and to was laker fans celebrated the team's nba championship victory over rival
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boston last night, created an ugly scene on the streets of los angeles. rowdy fans overturned signs and set one car on fire. a number of people were seen getting arrested. it's friday morning, still ahead on good morning washington, your next chance to catch team usa in action. we will preview today is world cup match up with slovenia. time is running out for metro as it tries to overhaul how much you will pay to ride.
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>> nine minutes after 6 on this friday morning, a gorgeous day. even better than yesterday. yesterday was great, but today will be even better. lower humidity levels. if temperatures largely in the '50s to start our day. running a little below average. if in rosslyn at frieden park, a beautiful shot of the city. look at the washington monument. -- freedom park in rosslyn. total sunshine this morning. that will be the case for most of the day. a few afternoon clouds. 57 in leesburg. 59 in frederick. in the plate right now it is 58. 66 in reagan national -- at reagan national. -- 58 in la plata.
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this weekend it will be muggy in the 90's. same store next week. road work on the outer loop that branch avenue is completely gone and so are the delays. the inner loop out of alexandria to springfield, a crash at eisenhower avenue is blocking the left lane. 95 virginia had a wreck northbound at the prince william parkway. it is on the shoulder now. 395 traffic, check out the pace of the beltway from seminary rd., looks good. alison and doug. >> thank you. metro is scrambling to implement its largest and most complex fare increase ever. the first phase takes effect on june 27. there's a report that 300 metro employees are rotating through 10 or 12-hour shifts seven hours a week and working on
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information campaigns to try to prevent confusion among customers. virginia congressman gerry connolly and jim moran are criticizing bob mcdonnell for training to withhold money from metro and thus the state can appoint two members of the transit board. if democrats have serious concerns about the republican governor's proposal to give two of virginia's four slots to appointees excep instead of elected officials. there's a major food recall we will tell you about. >> an exciting morning for soccer fans. i am courtney robinson in arlington. i am courtney robinson in arlington.
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>> in our top stories, tony hayward told a house committee that he is distraught about the disaster in the gulf of mexico off. the infuriated lawmakers by saying he had no knowledge of any problems with the oil rig that exploded in april leading to the oil spill. the coast guard says work on a relief well is well ahead of schedule. a public viewing will be the scene before maryland state trooper wesley brown. he was shot and killed outside of forestville restaurant last friday. the viewing takes place at the abyssinian baptist church in capitol heights. the funeral is tomorrow. two men have been arrested for the killing. president obama will make a quick trip to ohio today to talk about the stimulus bill is still creating jobs. there will be a ground-breaking project of the road project. the president will point out
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that other stimulus projects will get under way this summer. 6 zagat 14. los angeles lakers are kings of the court for the second year in a row. -- 6:14. the lakers came from 13 points behind to beat boston 83-79 in a winner-take-all game. kobe bryant was named the series' mvp. the coach phil jackson has won his 11th title. an exciting game that was. team usa continues its quest for the world cup this morning. courtney robinson is live in arlington with a peep through -- with a preview of today's match. do you think people will call in sick to watch it? >> one gentleman took a vacation for the entire road cut. all of these matches can be seen. america needs to defeat slovenia today at 10:00 this morning.
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that is because algeria is expected to lose to england. england and america are fighting it out, trying to get out of the group's stage and head on to the semifinals. if the first game this morning is germany against serbia at 7:30 this morning. germany is expected to win. we are at summer sports bar in arlington with mike, a big soccer fan. you are out here early to watch all of this. why so early? >> because we want to hold the table and you cannot reserve by phone. i told my friend to come sit with me. >> you were planning to go to the world cup in south africa, but could not make it down there. so you are really holding this down here. >> i'm voting -- rooting for
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america. however, we have to defeat slovenia today. i think it's got to be a win for the usa. i think we will go to the semifinals. >> but not on july 11? >> i hope so. i don't know. >> very good. thanks for being with us this morning. just one of many people who will be going to restaurant early this morning to watch the first match and all day long as the team's face-off. alison and doug. >> thank you. week will have your world cup soccer coverage this sunday after the brazil against ivory coast game on abc we will bring you another world cup special at 4:30. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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>> lisa baden is standing by with the friday traffic situation. >> 270 southbound, 66 east out of manassas, 95 virginia has an accident. the outer loop is the far side of the screen. normal back up there. the annabelle have back up in college park. the greenbelt has sunshine. not to adam caskey in the weather center. looking to the west, nothing but sunshine. no clouds in the sky. a beautiful day. it feels great as well. the dewpoint or the mid 50's. that means it is comfortable. it is refreshing. as you step outside, it feels refreshen. that will be the case all day. by tomorrow and especially tomorrow evening you will feel the humidity and return of higher temperatures. that will be in place for the weekend. low 90's's . it is 60 in mclean.
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56 in rockville. 58 in manassas. in the district at ruth charter school, 52 degrees. chesapeake beach at 63 on the water. germantown, 60. gainesville, 59. dewpoint are in the mid 50's. that will be the case through the day. low humidity. 87 degrees this afternoon for the high temperature. we should hit at about 4:00. sunset at 8:36. these are all along is days of the year. almost 16 hours a day like today. very bright out there. mostly sunny skies out there this weekend. temperatures will creep into the low 90's. 93 by sunday. humidity remaining for the weekend. to go now to the beaches, if you can't. temperatures will start near 80 degrees today for the high
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temperatures. rising near 90 degrees by high temperatures tomorrow on the beaches. water temperatures in the upper 60's. apple is opening a new retail store on wisconsin avenue this afternoon. it will sell all of its popular products including the ipad, iphone, macbook, and several other severaapple retail storesn our region. campbell soup is recalling millions of pounds of spaghetti os. vinita nair has those stories and more. >> we begin your "money scope report." with evidence of the economic recovery from the automobile industry. gm will keep most of its factories open. nine out of 11 plants will stay open to keep up with demand, reducing wait times for dealers and customers. gm is expected to hire more temporary workers. toyota is optimistic about the
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future. it announced on thursday it will resume construction of a car factory in mississippi. it will hire 2000 workers to start producing the corolla there by the end of next year. if the united autoworkers accused the company of shifting jobs to a plant where they can pay lower non-union wages. good news for u.s. auto makers, they have surpassed the foreign brands for the first time in the quality survey. american cars had fewer problems reported during the first 90 days of ownership. porsche was at the top, but ford moved into the fifth spot, showing big improvements. toyota moved down to no. 26. gm is trying to sell its first electric car. the first 4400 people to purchase this chevy volt will be eligible for free charging station and in home insulation. it can be plugged into any household outlet, but that takes twice as long to charge. it goes on sale later this year.
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campbell soup is recalling 60 million pounds of a spaghetti product with meatballs because of concerns about an undercooked meat. it covers the one with meatballs. it has accused by dates between june 2010 and december 2011. coming up on "good morning america", are big summer concert with miley cyrus and bret michaels in the first ever live performance together. that is after your local news. that is your "money scope report." >> 6:21 on this friday, 62 degrees. >> another kind of contraception or is it an abortion pill? we will check out the controversy. >> today on "the oprah show" a side of the adults restore not often revealed. mistresses speak out. what they have to say about their role as the other woman, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> the food and drug administration is taking a look at a drug that could boost a woman's sex drive. today the fda will ask a panel of experts to give their opinion on the safety and effectiveness of the drug. they did the velasquez experts to comment on side effects from taking the pill. -- they will ask experts to comment.
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meanwhile, a new morning after pill could soon be available in the u.s. >> it prevents pregnancy if it's taken up to five days after unprotected sex. if that is a longer time frame than the currently available plan b pill. it is similar to the abortion pill. critics say women who don't realize they are pregnant will unwilling to give themselves an abortion if they don't know. >> it is safe. there are no harmful side effects. >> the emergency contraceptive pill is already sold in 22 european countries. it could be available only with a prescription if approved by the fda. another half-hour of good morning washington ahead. >> an update to the store yesterday about very headstones at arlington national.
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>> tony hayward went to capitol hill and capitol hill went after tony hayward. more on that coming up. >> it does not get much better than this in june. we will talk about that, coming
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> straight ahead this half- hour, it's been weeks since a beloved state trooper was gunned down in cold blood. today a chance to loved ones to say goodbye. good morning washington. 6:00 there is your time on this friday, june 18. i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. more on that story in a moment. first a check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> they don't have that humidity in the air, so it's a beautiful
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day. it does not get much better than this in june. i daresay it is not to get much better than this in june around here. >> will it hang around for the weekend? >> heat and humidity will return. on monday morning it is officially summer. let's look at temperatures, 60 in chevy chase, 58 in front royal. many locations are in the upper 50s right now because of the dry air. very refreshing outside right now. 87 is a high temperature today, mostly sunny. afternoon clouds, low humidity throughout the day. by tomorrow you begin to feel humidity decreasing, temperatures near 90. there will be a lot of sunshine this weekend. great weather to go swimming. near 80 at the beach is tomorrow, 90 on sunday. when we hit the roads right now we need patience for an accident on the outbound 395 in
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hov lane at edsel road. let's show you the pace of traffic, on the right, hov in the center. if that crash is blocking the left lane. back to you. >> thank you. day 60 of the oil spill. staggering figure, authorities in louisiana say the price tag could top $100 billion to clean up the gushing oil plans to compensate victims. angry lawmakers on capitol hill have taken aim at bp ceo tony hayward, but that did not -- he apologized, but that did not defused tensions. >> on capitol hill it was something like a public flogging. >> the buck stops on your desk. >> hayward gave little ground. >> i have seen no evidence of recklessness. >> a day after the white house pressured if the company to set up a $20 billion victim's compensation fund, hayward found a friend in republican joe barton. >> i am ashamed of what happened
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in the white house yesterday, so i apologize. >> vice-president joe biden was upset. but what is wrong with that. how is that a shakedown? >> barton later apologized for an apology to bp, but by that time for him, hayward, and critics, the damage was done. even republican leaders called barton wrong. democrats say that the man in charge of big oil would be joe barton if republicans were in charge. in minnesota two were killed when tornadoes roared across that state. the twisters destroyed buildings, uprooted trees, and knocked out power. if an elderly woman was killed when a tornado destroyed her house if and the man was killed when a twister destroyed a gas station. at least 20 people injured. a crucial development in the
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robert wone conspiracy trial. and the defense will resume their case today. yesterday the judge acquitted dylan ward and victor zaborsky of evidence tampering. and obstructed justice and conspiracy charges remain against all three. joseph price is still charged with evidence tampering. he acknowledged that he moved the knife that was on robert on's body. it has been a week since maryland state trooper wesley brown was gunned down. today family and friends will gather to say goodbye to him. mike conneen is live in capitol heights with details. good morning. >> they are expecting a large turnout in columbia heights because of his impact on the community. if the public viewing will be held behind be at abyssinian baptist church at 4:00 this afternoon and continues until 9:00 tonight. that is followed by a funeral service set for tomorrow at jericho's city of faith in landover at 10:00 a.m. --
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jericho city of praise. there will be a funeral procession starting at around 12:30 depending on the left of the service. he will be laid to rest in landover. on the inner loop of the beltway at arena drive it will affect traffic, down to pennsylvania avenue, the procession goes past the barracks on forestville road. and the procession goes pass suitland parkway and suitland road. that could impact traffic tomorrow. if the 24-year-old trooper was shot last friday, moonlighting as a security guard at applebee's restaurant in forestville. two men face first-degree murder charges in the case. 27-year-old cyril williams and 28-year-old anthony milton. news of the rest was welcome in the community. family members and friends said today they will be focused on trooper brown, his life, and his legacy. >> thank you. 6 zag 34a woman is dead.
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police were called to a house in liberty town in maryland around 1:00 yesterday morning because of a domestic dispute. veronica perkins pointed a gun at troopers and they responded with gunfire. police entered the house at 5:30 a.m. and found the woman did. now we know what killed some people's dogs in centreville and other spots. the pit bull puppy was killed along with a terrier at a neighboring house. it was strychnine. police are looking for the suspects. officials at arlington national cemetery say they will take action immediately after discovery of a buried headstones. one of them is that of veteran j
6:36 am
. juan and mclaughlin. his son saw photographs of the headstones in the washington post yesterday and notified arlington. -- j. warren mclaughlin. >> we will get a preview of stephen strasburg. >> and we will have a preview of new movies coming out including "toy story 3."
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>> i'we're having our second annual block party on the corner of 15th at the k street. good website for more. -- go to our website. good morning, washington. >> it's a great restaurant. >> really good. it is 6:39, time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> there is a beautiful view of the city at freedom plaza. >> there's a cold front that swept away the humidity about this time yesterday. the humidity steadily dropped through the day yesterday. today it is even more comfortable than what we had thursday morning. in many locations right now it's
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in the '50s. we are 55 degrees in berryville. 62 in culpeper. reagan national airport at 65 degrees. dewpoint in the mid 50's. 87 will be the high temperature, mostly sunny. over the weekend, anticipate a lot of sunshine. great for the beaches and pools. high temperatures approaching 90 degrees. especially on sunday. you will feel the humidity. northbound 395 is an accident in the hov lane, the left lane is closed. delays into springfield and leaving the beltway heading up to seminary road. in springfield on the left side of the screen. in maryland there's a fabulous ride southbound on 270, closest to the screen. lanes are open all the way
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through the lane divide through the beltway. metro was on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. stephen strasburg is listed as the number four pitcher on the nationals official charged. he's already the case of the staff. one of his goals is to come out and put a stop to a losing streak. that's a task he will face tonight at nationals park as he has his third major-league start. the nationals have lost three in a row, but stephen strasburg is unbeaten. what a great night it's going to be for the ball game. beautiful. >> i know. i bet it is sold out. it's friday, 65 degrees. >> south carolina's surprises senate candidate will stay in the race. we will take a closer look at elvin green's strange bid ♪
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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> taking a look at our top stories, bp ceo tony hayward says that he is distraught about the disaster in the gulf. but he infuriated members of the house committee when the city did not know about any problems with the old rig that exploded in april, leading to the oil spill. the coast guard's is work on the relief well is currently ahead of schedule. > there will be a public viewing for maryland state trooper wesley brown 4:00 until 9:00 p.m. at abyssinian baptist church in capitol heights. the funeral is tomorrow. two men have been arrested and charged with the killing. a firing squad has shot and killed a convicted killer out of utah. ronnie lee gardner, 49, was put
6:45 am
to death early this morning for killing a lawyer during a failed escape attempt in 1985. last-minute efforts to block his execution were denied. he's the first person to be executed by firing squad in 14 years. the los angeles lakers, the fans celebrated after the team won the nba championship for the second year rin a row. they beat the celtics 83-79. they had a big parade in downtown los angeles -- there will have a parade on monday. team usa, excitement starting to build. courtney robinson is in arlington at a place called summer where people are already starting to gather. >> that's right. they just opened up. if nothing like soccer at a breakfast to get your day going. a few people gathering.
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at 10:00 this morning we will see this place packed with big soccer fans watching on the jumbo screens. team usa will take on slovenia at 10:00. this game will take everything off this -- the game that will take everything off this one is germany against serbia. this is an important game when it comes to slovenia, because they need to defeat them as england is expected to defeat algeria later today. if england and america fighting it out in the group's stage of the world cup, to make it on to the semifinals. the last game of all this will be july 11. we are heading into the second week just now. we have quite some time to get into the world cup fever pitch. alison and doug. >> thank you. we have world cup soccer coverage. this sunday. brazil against ivory coast.
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then we bring your world cup special at 4:30. a strange political story. south carolina democrats will lead to their senate democrat alvin greene stay in the race. >> the 32-year-old military unemployed veteran. he waged nearly no campaign and still lives at home with his father. mike allen has more on this really strange, intriguing story. what is the latest? >> if this is the candidate with no website. he won big. it was not even close against another opponent. the south carolina democratic party had a chance to overturn it, to order new primary election. they're not going to do it. nobody can really explain this. it is probably because he was first between the two names. nobody knew either one of them. there were some theories out
6:48 am
there. one naacp shall said black voters look at that name and knew that he was black. but people have checked into that. >> is there a picture on the ballot? >> there was not. he did less well in heavily black counties. there's academic research about voter behavior that shows if people don't know, they've only just choose the first person. >> if you ever look at jaywalking on "the jay leno show", you understand the thought processes of the american people. and greene is a pretty nice name. tarek this makes no difference for republicans -- this makes no difference for republicans. >> the man has a criminal record. >> he has been charged with a bizarre crime. he had pornography on the
6:49 am
computer screen in the library and he showed it to an underage person. >> there were questions about where he got the filing fee, the $10,000 filing fee. people are questioning that. >> he said it is pay from the army. he never explained that. when he was speaking with a washington post reporter, he said, "can i get paid for this interview?" >> thank you. have a good weekend. >> adam caskey is standing by with the latest on this gorgeous friday. >> picture-perfect outside today. it looks great and feels fantastic. it's a refreshing morning. it does not get much better than this in june. total sunshine to start the day again, just like yesterday, but even less humid than this time yesterday. the cold front moved through 24 hours ago. we are reaping the benefits,
6:50 am
lower humidity. the t3 in rockville, 64 in falls church. -- 63 in rockville. today marks the first of six days of the most daylight. 14 hours and 54 minutes of daylight. it will be very bright outside. a lot of sunshine out there. these are the longest days of the year, starting today and lasting through june 23. high pressure is in place, keeping its sunny. if there's a cold front that may arrive early sunday morning, but it will not affect our weather much. 87 is the high temperature today. lighter winds than yesterday, northeasterly at 3-8 miles an hour. saturday and sunday you will begin to feel committed to increasing. by tomorrow night it will be uncomfortable. 93 for the high temperature on
6:51 am
sunday. hot and humid. near 80 degrees at the beach is tomorrow. sunny today and tomorrow. sunday, near 90 degrees, sonny. lucky stretch of traffic on the beltway near andrews air force base. on the beltway near 450, new carrollton, a minor crash. 395 had reckoned with edsel road, but that has been moved. let's go to the beltway at new hampshire avenue, closest to us is the outer loop. started to get a little busy toward georgia avenue, 270 has a clean run. when we come back, it
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning, washington. i have your weekend movie guide. pixar does it again in their terrific new toy story 3. >> come to a poapa. >> animation so good that you forget it is animation. they go to day care center when their owner packs up for college.
6:55 am
it's funny, action packed and might bring a tear to your eye. it's rated g. and get almost four stars. >> we don't get the recognition you deserve. >> joan rivers, the hardest working woman in show business reveals a relentless drive and ambition. 3.5 starts. almost four starts for toy story 3. the "karate kid", almost four stars. and the new documentary "joan rivers: a piece of work." 3.5 starts. -- stars. for "the a-team", zero stars. have a nice weekend. abc 7 entertainment, i am arch campbell.
6:56 am
>> i keep hearing good things about "toy story 3." >> i will go see "the a-team" because it is just so bad. > oxon hill over the wilson bridge, a crash on the inner loop and eisenhower avenue has been resolved. 95 at woodbridge, there was a wreck on the shoulder at the prince william parkway and 1 foot on the hov lane at edsel road. now to adam caskey. "the a-team" looks like a waste of money. >> ok, let's get to the forecast. 87 degrees today with a lot of sunshine, low humidity. more humid this weekend. you'll feel that. low 90's's especially by sunday, like summer.
6:57 am
>> thank you. enjoy the weekend. >> thank you. enjoy the weekend. we will be back ♪
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